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Hey, it's me - T!

My purpose is drawing good movement, i.e. helping others grow in self-awareness using the tool of the Enneagram so that they might understand themselves better, and we’ll talk a lot about that here.  

If you’re a little lost and wondering what the heck Enneagram even is - be sure to click the button below to get my FREE What is the Enneagram guide. 

Faith Family & Beef Blog

I’m gonna be

I would fly nine hundred miles and I would drive six hundred more… oh wait, that was last week. But I'd do it again! (Hopefully there's no falling down at any doors.) Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da Da! Enjoy having that stuck in your head today. What had me on the ... READ the POST

I had some "firsts" last week as I traveled for some Good Movement Enneagram Training sessions at ranches in Texas.

Ever thought less of someone?

Have you ever looked at another human's behaviors and thought a little less of them? Or looked at your own behaviors and thought less of yourself?  If so, you are not alone. I've been there, and honestly, I'll be there again. I'm an imperfect human after all. But I'm trying real hard to be there ... READ the POST

It's easy to judge others and ourselves by behaviors, but learning the WHY helps us in how we react. Learn more about how Enneagram can help.

A kind kick in the pants

Have you ever had God kindly deliver a kick in the pants just exactly when you need it?  I have.  It happened over the weekend. There I was minding my own business at the Cultivating Courage Conference listening to my friend Caitlin speak about going body where God has called, when she ... READ the POST