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Hey, it's me - T!

My purpose is drawing good movement, i.e. helping others grow in self-awareness using the tool of the Enneagram so that they might understand themselves better, and we’ll talk a lot about that here.  

If you’re a little lost and wondering what the heck Enneagram even is - be sure to click the button below to get my FREE What is the Enneagram guide. 

Faith Family & Beef Blog

Is the grass really greener?

“If you’re constantly looking for greener pastures, you’ll never see the beauty of the one you’re currently in.” Last year, I binge listened to all of Shawn Achor’s books and I honestly can’t remember now which one that quote is from, but it’s a great one to ruminate on. (Pun intended.) As ... READ the POST

Ditch the ego and get in touch with your feelings

Continuing the series about good movement, what's holding us back, and how to draw it. Need to catch up on the series? Check out previous installments: How do we break free from the hold our egos have on us? Unfortunately, there isn’t a formula. No straightforward, plug in the variables and ... READ the POST

How do we let go of ego? Learn about how Enneagram awareness can help you thrive in your environment.

Simple…but not always easy

Continuing our series about good movement, what's holding us back, and how to draw it. Heads up - I get a little long winded with this one, but I promise it's quality. 😉 Need to catch up on the series? Here you go: Okay, now that we’ve established good movement is what we’re after, what’s our ... READ the POST

Just because something seems simple, doesn't mean it's easy. Learn about the biggest obstacle to Good Movement in your organization.

My selfish reasons for building the Good Movement Training

Continuing my series about good movement (catch up on week 1 and week 2), what's holding us back, and how to draw it, it's story time again . . .  In a climate of conflict If you’ll recall, 2016 was hotly contested election year. By August, the internet was a buzz with bickering, name calling, ... READ the POST

Can we apply the same stockmanship principles of good movement in cattle, to humans? Let's reduce stress and improve communication.